Zero Waste

Pour Cap | White reCAP $8.50 String Market Bag Refinement House $6 Silicone 10oz Bag | Slate W&P $10 Photo coming soon
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Stainless Steel Straws Refinement House $2
String Market Bag | Prism Colors Dot & Army $8 Silicone Stand Up 36oz Bag W&P $14 Pour Spout & Tap Lid reCAP $10.50 Pump Dispenser Lid | White reCAP $10.50 Stainless Steel Straw Brush Dot & Army $2 Photo coming soon
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Silicon Covers with Carry Bag Refinement House $14
Organic Cotton Produce Sack Refinement House $4.50 Zero Waste Sponge Cloth Full Circle Home $5 Thermos Vacuum Insulated Lunch Box Lafeeca $25 Pump Dispenser Lid | Black reCAP $10.50 Cotton Mesh Produce Bags | Set of 3 Dot & Army $16 Sport Cap Bottle Soma $35 Charcoal Filter Set | Graphite Bamboozle $10 Pour Cap with Carry Loop | Silver reCAP $8.50 Glass Cup W&P $30 Heavy Duty Coconut Scour Pad Full Circle Home $5 Heavy Duty Coconut Scrubber Sponge Full Circle Home $5 Facial Rounds with Carry Bag Refinement House $16 Silicone 46oz Bag W&P $20 Ceramic Mug | Slate W&P $30 Ceramic Bowl | Mint W&P $40 Plastic Bowl | Red W&P $25 Sold Out Good Sheet | Plant-Based Dish Cloths Full Circle Home Sold out Parchment Paper Roll Full Circle Home $6 Zero Waste Scour Pads | 2 pack Full Circle Home $8 Gallon Storage Bags Full Circle Home $8 Seal Tight 24oz Bowl | Slate W&P $30 Seal Tight 16oz Bowl | Mint W&P $25 Ceramic Bowl | Cream W&P $40 Carafe Soma $50 Zero Waste Veggie Brush Full Circle Home $6 Compostable Sandwich Bags Full Circle Home $6 Photo coming soon
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Organic Cotton Bulk Sack Refinement House $3.50
Bubble Up Dish Brush Set Full Circle Home $14 Tote-ally | 4-Piece Market Set Full Circle Home $17 Parchment Baking Sheets Full Circle Home $5