6" Cement Pot Asch Building $22 Pollinator Seed Pops Modern Sprout $5 Jericho Rose Asch Building $9 Philodendron 'Cordatum' | Heartleaf Philodendron Asch Building $8 Tillandsia Air Plants | Multiple Types Asch Building $4 Philodendron Monstera 'Deliciosa' | Split Leaf Monstera Asch Building $8 Photo coming soon
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4" Cement Pot Asch Building $16
Sold Out Tropical Soil Mix by Flora Culture The Flora Culture Sold out Sold Out Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma | Monstera Minima Asch Building Sold out Photo coming soon
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Kombucha Clippings Asch Building $10
Epipremnum Pinnatum | Pothos 'NJoy' Asch Building $10 Non-GMO Microgreen Seeds Seattle Seed Co. $10 Epipremnum Aureum | Golden Pothos Asch Building $8 The Hydropod W&P $25 DIY Seed Ball Kit Modern Sprout $15 Chamaedorea Elegans | Parlor Palm Asch Building $8 Sold Out Ficus Lyrata | Fiddle Leaf Fig Asch Building Sold out Garden Jar | Lavender Modern Sprout $22 Sold Out Flowering Air Plant Asch Building Sold out Sold Out Indoor Plant Food and Atomiser Set Norfolk Natural Living Sold out Small Ceramic Snake | Syliva Carter & Rose $14 Spathiphyllum | 'Peace Lily' Asch Building $8 Anthurium 'White' | Flamingo Flower Asch Building $12 Dracaena 'Song of India' | Dragon Tree Asch Building $8 Sold Out Living Christmas Tree | Giant Sequoia The Jonsteen Company Sold out Small Ceramic Snake | Sofie Carter & Rose $14 Sold Out Philodendron | 'Birkin' Asch Building Sold out Monstera Adansonii | Swiss Cheese Monstera Asch Building $28 Sold Out Tarot Seeds | Blueberries Cherry Tomato Sow the Magic Sold out Aloe Vera Asch Building $8 Dry Vase Asch Building $18 Minimalist Mini Planter | Ceramic & Wood Lucca $16 Sold Out Tiny Terracotta | Curious Catnip Modern Sprout Sold out Sold Out Tiny Terracotta | Lavender Modern Sprout Sold out Tarot Seeds | Purple Dark Opal Basil Sow the Magic $6 Tarot Seeds | Black Beauty Tomato Sow the Magic $6 Sold Out Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Uppwell Sold out Sold Out Brass Mister Modern Sprout Sold out Sold Out Garden Jar | Rosemary Modern Sprout Sold out Garden Jar | Basil Modern Sprout $22