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Finger Puppets Ten Thousand Villages $5 I Took the Moon for a Walk Barefoot Books $10 World Atlas Sticker Book Barefoot Books $13 Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers | 3/4 Offspring-US $13 Teething Necklace Chewable Charm $20 Recycled Sari Flower Garland Ten Thousand Villages $19 Crack! Children's Book Barefoot Books $20 Guatemalan Worry Dolls Ten Thousand Villages $7 Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers | 2/3 Offspring-US $13 Cities of the World Memory Game Barefoot Books $17 Amazing African Animal Alphabet Book Kristina Jones $10 Tweet! Children's Book Barefoot Books $20 Dancing Dinos Dominos Barefoot Books $13 My Big Barefoot Book of French and English Words Barefoot Books $20 Sold Out Silicone Soother Pacifier Three Hearts Sold out Booty Balm Little Seed Farm $16 Baby's First Words / Mis primeras palabras Barefoot Books $8 Fair Friend | Hedgehog Ten Thousand Villages $16 If You're Happy and You Know It! Barefoot Books $15 Big Book of Favourite Irish Myths and Legends Casemate Publishers $11 Solar System Book Barefoot Books $20 Global Kids | Games & Crafts From Around the World Barefoot Books $17 I Don't Want To Be Hyena Avril Van Der Merwe $7 Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers | Lemons | 1/2 Offspring-US $13 Fair Friend | Bear Ten Thousand Villages $16 Sold Out Embroidered Star Garland Ten Thousand Villages Sold out Photo coming soon
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Flutter Sleeve Pinafore Dress Gather N Sew $50
Incredible Animals Barefoot Books $20 Photo coming soon
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Short Sleeve Button Up Gather N Sew $55
Children of the World Barefoot Books $20 Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers | Elephant | NB/1 Offspring-US $13 Multi-Strand Silk Paper Flower Valance Ten Thousand Villages $23 Alpaca Stuffed Animal | Owl | 10" Shupaca $77 Upcycled Sari Baby Blanket Ten Thousand Villages $40 Ori Pacifier Toy Clip | Petite Three Hearts $17 African Tales: A Barefoot Collection Barefoot Books $17 Upcycled Sari Elephant | Medium Ten Thousand Villages $24 Photo coming soon
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12-18month Dress Lauren Herzik $56
Listen, Listen Barefoot Books $15 Felt DIY Sewing Kit | Emily the Elephant Bea Kind $16.50