The Asch Cycle Buy Back Program

Mission: To offer an alternative way for customers to part with garments that no longer serve them. 

Focus: To educate the customer that a garment's lifetime doesn't - & shouldn't - end with them. 

Pathfinding: A distinct first step in playing a part in the grand scheme of mindful shopping & living. 




How It Works


1. Purchase a new garment from Asch

2. Wear your garment once, twice, one hundred times.

3. Bring the garment to Asch's Atelier to be assessed. If the garment has been taken care of - i.e. no holes, stains, pilling, etc - Asch will purchase the garment back for 25% of the original retail price. The 25% purchase back price will be remitted to you in the form of a credit that can be applied to a future garment. The credit may be used immediately or within a calendar year - online or in-store.

4. Your garment will go in our cradle-to-cradle section and will be available for purchase at 50% of the original retail price.