Botanical Bath Soak | THALASSOPHILE Asch $24 Botanical Bath Soak | RENASCENCE Asch $24 Apothecary Matches Asch $4 Sold Out N/A Sparkling Rosé Brut Prima Pavé Sold out Cheers! Champagne Toast & Florals Greeting Card Fia Dehais $6.50 Monday Whiskey Drink Monday Inc. $46 Abalone Shell Incense Smudge Dish Asch $4 Breathe | Essential Oil Roller Asch $11 ASCH Candle | Ceramic Vessel Asch $52 Sold Out Non-Alcoholic Wine | Sovi Sparkling Rosé Sovi Wine Co Sold out Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma | Monstera Minima Asch Building $14 Cocktail Cherries Cellar Door Preserves $18 Cucumber Habanero Simple Syrup ROOT 23 $12 South African Reclaimed Frame David Leibovitz $18 Black Sage Mugwort Smudge Stick Asch $8 Non-Alcoholic Apértif | Champignon Dreams De Soi $7 Memory | Essential Oil Roller Asch $11 Non-Alcoholic Wine | Sovi Sparkling Rosé Canned Sovi Wine Co $8 Awake | Essential Oil Room Spray Asch $12 Grapefruit Basil Simple Syrup ROOT 23 $12 Body Warmer by Asch Asch $36 Thank You Bouquet Greeting Card Fia Dehais $6.50 Maranta Scheli $9 Silicone 46oz Bag W&P $12 Shower Steamer | Peppermint Asch Building $5.50 Epipremnum Aureum | Golden Pothos Asch Building $12 Sold Out Non-Alcoholic Apértif | Tres Rosé De Soi Sold out Photo coming soon
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Glass Tea Infuser with Cork Top Asch $11
Sold Out Non-Alcoholic Apértif | Golden Hour De Soi Sold out Focus | Essential Oil Room Spray Asch $12 Sold Out Maranta | Red Prayer Asch Building Sold out Dried Garnish | Lemon Asch $8 Sold Out Olive Oil Martini Non-Alc Cocktail The Sewist's Room Sold out Sold Out Chakra White Sage Asch Sold out Vanilla Ginger Simple Syrup ROOT 23 $12 Crushed Ice Tray W&P $16 Dried Garnish | Grapefruit Asch $7 Awake | Essential Oil Roller Asch $11 Hoya Carnosa | Krimson Princess Asch Building $19 Celebrate with Champs Greeting Card Fia Dehais $6.50