65/35 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


SIMPLi's signature olive oil is harvested from Greek Koroneiki olives, the most prized olive variety for oil. These olives are handpicked and cold-pressed within 24 hours to ensure a high-quality oil that does not lose nutritional value or flavor when processed.

SIMPLi's 100% winterized high oleic sunflower oil is hand-picked and harvested from sunflowers in Poltava, Ukraine, then processed to remove the waxes and harmful polysaturated fats. SIMPLi blends our cold-pressed, chemical-free EVOO with their healthier monosaturated sunflower oil in-house in the USA, allowing them to oversee the whole process of one of the most fraudulent food items in the world. Mild with a peppery, pleasant finish, this olive oil blend sizzles like a dream. Use it for sauteing, baking, or pan-frying your favorite dishes. Any way you serve it will be SIMPLi delicious.

Mild, peppery, and pleasant tasting notes. Made with single-origin Greek EVOO and single-origin Ukrainian sunflower oil. Comes in a 100% recyclable 16.9 oz. tin - 65% sunflower oil, 35% extra virgin olive oil.