Whole Milk

Volleman's Family Farm

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Volleman's continues to improve farming practices to reduce the amount of erosion and runoff, decrease their water usage, and to replenish the nutrients in the soil. They promise saving the planet never tasted so good!
The planet isn’t going to save itself, which is why they are trying to do their part to reduce plastic waste by providing you with returnable glass bottles.
That delicious milk sitting on your table goes through tough quality control procedures before it can even leave our farm. They work hard every day to ensure that their milk has no added hormones and is antibiotic free.
Their cows spend their day lounging in the shade, cooling off under sprinklers, and eating from an all-you-can-eat buffet, all formulated by a nutritionist to ensure our cows are at their best health. 
Growing the highest quality feed for their cows right here in Texas means they are able to trace back all the forages that go into making the milk that ends up on your table. Through sustainable farming practices they are able to ensure their cows get the nutrients they need in order to provide a high quality product for your family to enjoy.