Rambler Sparkling Water Rambler $1.50 Margarita Mix Acasa $22 Retail Coffee Bag Katz $15 Sparkling Water | Glass Bottle Richard's Rainwater $2 No.3 | Flor De Jamaica Kombucha KTonic $5 No.6 | Elderberry Kombucha KTonic $5 Sold Out Petit Ours Cotes du Rhone Matthieu Barret Sold out No.1 | The Original Kombucha KTonic $5 Don't Forget to Soar 2020 Roussanne/Albariño Southhold Farm & Cellars $20 Photo coming soon
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Still Water | Canned | 16oz Richard's Rainwater $1.50
Aura Bora | Cactus Rose Aura Bora $1.99 Prebiotic Soda | Strawberry Ginger Hibiscus Mayawell $3 Aura Bora | Peppermint Watermelon Aura Bora $1.99 Prebiotic Soda | Pineapple Mango Turmeric Mayawell $3 Prebiotic Soda | Pear Lime Green Tea Mayawell $3 Aura Bora | Lemongrass Coconut Aura Bora $1.99 Sold Out Ginger Ale Wild Bill's Sold out Orange Cream Wild Bill's $3 Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch Honest Kids $1.25 Sold Out Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge "Chat Fou" Eric Texier Sold out Queen's Order Jester King Brewery $6 Mr. Mingo Jester King Brewery $6 Honest Kids Appley Ever After Honest Kids $1.25 Sold Out Macerated Chardonnay 2020 Populis Sold out Honest Kids Twisted Tropical Tango Honest Kids $1.25 Colonel Toby Jester King Brewery $5 Organic Botanical Blend | English Breakfast Rishi $11 Sold Out Carbonic Pinot Gris 2020 The Marigny Sold out Sold Out Post Flirtation Red 2021 Martha Stoumen Sold out Chai, How are you? Kombucha KTonic $5 Sold Out Bloody Mary Mix | Habanero Big Bayou Sold out Sold Out Forgotten Dreams Sangiovese Ceraluolo Southhold Farm & Cellars Sold out Annie's Ginger Elixir Shot Annie's Ginger Elixir $5 Diet Cola Wild Bill's $3 Sold Out Organic Botanical Blend | Turmeric Ginger Rishi Sold out Sold Out Old Vine Grenache Hofer Vineyard 2021 Scar of the Sea Sold out Organic Botanical Blend | Sencha Rishi $11 Prebiotic Soda | Raspberry Cucumber Mayawell $3 Sold Out Strawberry Acai Lemonade Mix Public Goods Sold out Sold Out Hey! Un Dernier Cot? Barbara Lebled Sold out