Canned, Jarred & Boxed

Extra Fine Cornichons Gherkins Roland $3 Native Forest Classic Coconut Milk Native Forest $3.50 Jeff's Natural Imported Non Pareil Capers Jeff's Garden $4 Lentil Soup Amy's $3.50 Mother's Puckers | Homestyle Dill Pickle Halves Pacific Pickle Works $9 Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes Muir Glen $2.50 Sold Out Muir Glen Tomato Paste Muir Glen Sold out Lentil Vegetable Soup Amy's $3.50 JalapeƱo Peppers Jeff's Garden $3.50 Pinot Noir Beets Crisp & Co $8.50 Organic Medium Chili Amy's $4 Spicy Dilly Beans Crisp & Co $8.50 Muir Glen Whole Peeled Tomatoes Muir Glen $2.50 Organic Grated Ginger The Ginger People $3.50 Quinoa Kale & Lentil Soup Amy's $4 Pandemic Pickles | Spicy Habanero Pickle Halves Pacific Pickle Works $9 Stokra | Pickled Okra Pacific Pickle Works $10 Olive Scaciati Michael & Vincent's $15 Chunky Tomato Bisque Amy's $4 Carriots of Fire | Pickled Carrots Pacific Pickle Works $10 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce Muir Glen $2.50 Low Sodium Lentil Vegetable Soup Amy's $4 Sold Out No Big Dill | Kosher Baby Dill Pickles Pacific Pickle Works Sold out Organic Sliced Garlic Emperor's Kitchen $4.50 Bread & Buddahs | Semi-Sweet Bread & Butter Pickle Chips Pacific Pickle Works $9 Photo coming soon
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Low Fat Vegetable Barley Soup Amy's $3.50
Muir Glen Stewed Tomatoes Muir Glen $2.50 Medium Peppers in Oil Monteleone $9 Sold Out Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth Kettle & Fire Sold out Cream of Mushroom Soup Amy's $4 Regenerative Beef Bone Broth Kettle & Fire $9 Asparagusto | Pickled Asparagus with a Kick Pacific Pickle Works $9 Organic Sliced Water Chestnuts Native Forest $3 Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup Amy's $4 Brussizle Sprouts | Pickled Brussel Sprouts Pacific Pickle Works $10 Tom Yum Keto Bone Broth Kettle & Fire $8 Chicken Noodle Soup Kettle & Fire $8 Photo coming soon
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Sweetened Condensed Milk California Farms $3.50
Organic Pumpkin Pie Mix Farmer's Market $3 Organic Sweet Potato Puree Farmer's Market $3