Salsa El Gallo

Juan J. Lopez, a South Texas native, comes from humble beginnings. He was a migrant farmworker from the age of 5 until he graduated high school. He earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting and worked in school finance for over 20 years until 2011 when he and his brother, Jaime, decided to join in a business venture. They saw a need in the market for authentic Mexican salsa- the kind they were used to eating at home. The Lopez brothers invited some friends and family to Jaime’s home and they began experimenting with salsa recipes based on salsas their mothers made. After many tastings, they decided on 2 mild/medium homestyle salsa recipes that are staples in Mexican cuisine. This was the birth of the brand they named “Salsa El Gallo”. Juan has been the managing partner since 2011 and oversees the day-to-day operations of the business. Since then, they have expanded their product line to include 2 hot restaurant-style salsas and have been proudly manufacturing their award-winning Mexican salsas.

What makes Salsa El Gallo different? Aside from its fresh taste, Salsa El Gallo is packaged in unique, spouted plastic containers! These containers eliminate the need for a spoon and allow air to be squeezed out after each use to maintain freshness. They travel well and are shelf-stable. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as tailgating, camping, hiking, and boating.

Sorry, we have no Salsa El Gallo products at the moment. Check back soon!