What is Koso?

R's KOSO is Japan's best-kept health cleansing secret, containing over 100 different fruits, vegetables, and plant-based ingredients. R's KOSO includes unique ingredients such as seaweeds and mushrooms. Seaweeds are one of nature's best dietary source of iodine, which has been proven to help support the thyroid gland and help promote healthy hair. Mushrooms possess many vital nutrients lik dietary fiber, mannans, and act as prebiotics to stimulate the growth of gut microbiota.

R's KOSO utilizes over ten different yeasts during the one-year fermentation process, including lactic acid bacteria, and koji, which is a Japanese cultural fungus. Additionally, R's KOSO contains probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics such as acetic acid. All these essential ingredients help improve gut health, which is closely linked to weight loss, skin health, mental health and a healthy gut.

The History of Koso

Japan has a long history of making fermented foods, such as miso, soy sauce and sake. Fermented foods are essential ingredients in the dietary habits of Japanese people.

"Koso" is defined as an enzyme or a ferment in Japanese. Koso is a traditional enzyme drink created from vegetables, fruits, and plants which provide abundant probiotics and prebiotics. Koso is popular among juice cleansers and individuals who attempt intermittent fasting. Koso has been a healthy and safe dietary supplement in Japan, dating back about 100 years.

"It is said that production and sales began in Japan about 100 years ago. At the time, it was used as a dietary supplement for hard-working and undernourished people but is now used in daily life not only for nutritional support but also for digestive support and intestinal environment improvement It is becoming." 


Enhance gut health - our century-old traditional Japanese fermentation process provides a natural, plant-based, probiotic to support digestive health, skin radiance and, immune system.

Feeds your microbiome - rich in prebiotic and dietary fiber to feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in your gut and promote a healthy gut.

Better digestion - rich in probiotics and prebiotics to help you absorb more nutrients from the ingredients in the formula as well as the other foods you eat.

Healthy weight - Studies show taking prebiotic fiber caused positive changes in the gut microbiome, including increased levels of beneficial bacteria that are associated with a decrease in fat mass.

Antioxidant-rich - contain abundant functional ingredients, i.e., polyphenols, vitamin A, E, C. It gives your body a powerful shot of helping you neutralize toxins and promote healthy, clear skin, anti-aging.

Boost Immune system - our fermented superfood supplement made from 100+ vegetables and fruits, provides balanced nutrition, combining probiotics and prebiotics. The gut actually has about 70 percent of the body's immune cells. Taking balanced food is one of the big ideas to keep a healthy gut and boost immunity.

Many people consume Koso for cleansing, but it can also substitute as a daily supplement.

Suggested Use Serving size 2 tablespoons (30ml / 1oz). Mix 2 tablespoons of Koso with 1/2 cup water or sparkling water. You may also try mixing with yogurt, milk, or alcohol for daily enjoyment.

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