Route 11

We Love Sustainability! 

In 2008, Route 11 Chips built our current potato chip factory in Mt. Jackson, Virginia. We designed this factory from the ground up with green principles, so that we could minimize our environmental footprint and get as close as we can to waste-free production.

recycling symbol with Routey the potato guy

We recycle paper, glass, metal, and plastic.

happy cow with hearts

Our potato peelings and chip rejects help feed a local herd of cattle.

drawing of farmer Bill

We use Virginia grown, certified organic sweet potatoes.

drawing of potatoes

We use local sources of potatoes as much as we can.

steam rising from cookers

Heat exchangers on our cooking kettles warm our kitchen in the winter.

drawing of factory

Our white membrane roof reflects summer heat, reducing energy use.

water for hydroelectricity

We power our factory with 100% renewable hydroelectricity.

potato drawing with dirt

We even recycle the dirt off our potatoes!

Sorry, we have no Route 11 products at the moment. Check back soon!