MASHALLAH is a jewelry label established in 2011, designed by Mashallah Ghouleh and handcrafted by our team in Chicago, IL. Each piece of MASHALLAH jewelry is informed by the geometric, metaphysical, and inherently spiritual characteristics of gemstones. These gemstones are woven together with recycled semi-precious metals that are derived from electronic waste. This eco-friendly and socially conscious process allows us to design and create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings without doing harm to the planet. We see jewelry as a wearable artistic medium intended to add depth and character to the canvas that is the human body. It is more than jewelry - MASHALLAH is a lifestyle.



Every piece in the MASHALLAH collection is carefully designed by Mashallah Ghouleh, who has grown up under the influence of her aunt Ikram Goldman, a global fashion icon, and brilliant artist uncle, Sahir Suman, who is the owner of Marji Gallery in New Mexico. After years of being a part of Chicago’s fashion scene, Mashallah set out to create her own jewelry line that communicates her urban-boho style. As both a designer and collector of all things beautiful, her natural creative energy shines through her jewelry. 

Incense Holder III MASHALLAH $10 Sold Out Incense Holder II MASHALLAH Sold out Incense Holder IV MASHALLAH $10 Bold Hoops | Gold MASHALLAH $36 Evil Eye Rainbow Huggie Earrings MASHALLAH $36 Pearl Huggie Earring MASHALLAH $36 Thick Herringbone Chain Necklace MASHALLAH $40 Double Circle Ring One size MASHALLAH $24 Small Circle Hoop Earring MASHALLAH $24 Sold Out Snake Chain Necklace MASHALLAH Sold out Glitter Hair Clip MASHALLAH $6 Thread Earring | Small MASHALLAH $24 Classic Hoops | Small MASHALLAH $36 Circle Ring One size MASHALLAH $24 Rectangle Hoop Earring MASHALLAH $24 Wrap Ring MASHALLAH $24 Square Hoop Earring MASHALLAH $24 Octagon Hoop Earring Large MASHALLAH $24 Sold Out Herringbone Chain Bracelet MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Hair Ribbon MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Thick Snake Chain Bracelet MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Lightning Bolt Huggie Earrings MASHALLAH Sold out Snake Huggie Earrings MASHALLAH $36 Thread Earring | Large MASHALLAH $24 Cage Ring One size MASHALLAH $24 Double Chevron Ring MASHALLAH $24 Hair Scrunchie MASHALLAH $6 Incense Sticks | Frankincense MASHALLAH $10 Sold Out Rainbow Moon Huggie Earring MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Incense Sticks | Palo Santo MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Incense Sticks | Egyptian Musk MASHALLAH Sold out Floating Necklace | Harper MASHALLAH $28 Sold Out Octagon Hoop Earring Small MASHALLAH Sold out Herringbone Chain Necklace MASHALLAH $40 Bold Huggie Earrings MASHALLAH $36 Rope Chain Necklace MASHALLAH $40 Floating Necklace | Isabella MASHALLAH $28 Moon Huggie Earring MASHALLAH $36 Sold Out Congruous Dianthus Necklace MASHALLAH Sold out Sold Out Congruous Lavandula Necklace MASHALLAH Sold out