Hannah Lavery

Hannah Lavery: the midpoint between pajama's and power suits, comfort and confidence. The range is a uniform for busy women who collect compliments - simple clothing solutions for complicated lives. We stand by the notion that there are no bad bodies, just bad fits. This is where you find the clothes for YOU, not the YOU for the clothes. We interrogate each design and we wear what we make, asking ourselves: can I be comfortable all day, and feel like a powerhouse.  

Hannah Lavery is a design house for women’s apparel based in Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by the diversity of womens’ shapes and lives, it offers a complete wardrobe in neutral tones with clear lines and kind-to-your-skin materials. Cross-seasonal and organically updated, the range is for those who want to dress with ease and have wardrobes with longevity. 

Sorry, we have no Hannah Lavery products at the moment. Check back soon!