Trini Chickpea Curry

A Dozen Cousins


Channa (chickpea curry) is a perfect symbol for the cultural diversity of trinidad. This bold dish was originally brought to the island by indian migrants – but over time, local cooks began adding their own twist with regional ingredients like cilantro. Today, channa is a staple food that is beloved across the island by people of all backgrounds. You can enjoy these delicious chickpeas over a bed of rice or with a hot piece of your favorite flatbread. They are an easy, non-GMO vegan and vegetarian snack, meal, side dish or on-the-go camping or hiking snack.

Ingredients: Water, chickpeas, onions, avocado oil, sea salt, garlic, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, dried cilantro, ginger powder, ground coriander, cinnamon, yellow mustard seeds, white pepper, ground cardamom, cayenne pepper.

Made in United States of America