The Hello Cup | Double Box

The Hello Cup

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Hello Cup's popular double boxes are great value and take the guess work out of finding the perfect size. Many users find they fit two sizes. The S/M is their 'one size fits most'. The L is normally best for over 35 years. Cups come in individual organic cotton storage bags.

The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 59mm. It holds 21mls. The diameter of the L is 45mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 64mm. It holds 28ml.

  • The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Medical-Grade
    • Holds more than tampons
    • Reusable for years
    • Silicone-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Designed by a nurse
    • Made in New Zealand



    Vaginal cup, period cup, menstrual cup, fannie cup! Whatever you call it, the Hello Cup is a great choice.

    While working out what size you are can be tricky, the below info is a good starting point.