Premium Toothbrush with Replaceable Brush Head

Goodwell Co


A sustainable twist on the classic manual toothbrush. With the Premium Brush, you keep the recycled aluminum handle for life and change out the degradable brush head every three months. With its sleek design and charcoal-infused bristles, the Premium Brush gives you a superior brushing experience that’s better for your oral health and the planet.

Better brushing with binchotan

Binchotan charcoal has long been known in Japan for its ability to purify air and water — and now you can have that same benefit built into your brush. Bristles are infused with activated charcoal, which balances the pH in your mouth and has natural antibacterial properties that fend off bad breath and tooth decay.

Plastic-free oral care

If you’re like them, you’re always looking for ways to reduce the single-use plastic in your life. The Premium Brush makes it easy, with an innovative mix of recycled aluminum and biodegradable bioplastic that makes for 70 percent less waste than a plastic toothbrush.

Planet-friendly packaging

When it comes to packing and shipping, they keep it simple. Never plastic. Always recyclable. It’s just one of the ways they maximize your convenience while minimizing cost to the planet.