Petrified Wood | Burning Stone

The Burning Stones

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One of a kind Madagascan petrified wood oil candle. Each candle is unique it will slightly vary in color.

Petrified wood forms when woody stems of plants are buried in wet sediments saturated with dissolved minerals. The lack of oxygen slows decay of the wood, allowing minerals to replace cell walls and to fill void spaces in the wood, turning it into a stone.

With Petrified Wood comes ancient knowledge and immense ancestral history. Through fossilization, an abundance of ancient earthen energy has been contained within this beautiful piece. Add in the beauty of a single flame and you have a thoughtful gift or unique addition to any home or office.

Candle is attached to a refillable glass oil reservoir and fiberglass wick holder with a 1.5 inch wick. A small bottle of smokeless, odorless paraffin oil with attached refill spout and a replacement wick all included in your order.Flame last 2-4 hours depending on length of wick and quantity of oil used.