Pasture Raised Chicken Drums, Thighs & Quarters by the pound

Greener Pastures


From Greener Pastures: 

After Building A Successful Distribution Start Up In The Middle Of The 2020 Pandemic, We Decided To Go At It On Our Own. We Took All That We Learned, (The Good And The Bad) Made Some Adjustments, And Here We Are! We Know The Path To Take And How To Get There, But We’d Like To Enjoy It Along The Way.

We Took Our Time To Identify Unique Programs We Could Bring To The Texas Marketplace. Every Product We Offer Had To Satisfy An Expected Pedigree To Be In Our Portfolio. Because Not Every Local Product Is “The Best”, Local Doesn’t Always Mean High Quality. We Also Wanted To Bridge The Divide Between Consumers And The Amazing Products Being Grown And Raised Right In Their “Back Yards”.