Organic Nuts & Fruits Trail Mix

Sun & Swell Foods


Sun & Swell's organic cashews are packaged in sustainable packaging that is 100% compostable. Cashews are one of our favorite nuts at Sun & Swell. These creamy raw cashew pieces can stand on their own when you need a quick snack, but are also the perfect ingredient for cashew milk, nut forward dishes, or even raw snack bites! Packaged in zero waste compostable packaging, these make the perfect eco friendly snack.

These cashews are sourced ethically from Brazil through our local import partners who only select farms that uphold extremely high levels of quality, sustainability, and fair employment practices.

Pack Size: 16oz

Country of Origin: Brazil

Compostable Info This product comes in 100% compostable packaging.

This bag will decompose in an Industrial Compost facility with 90 days. It is also approved for home composting by our supplier, but timeline varies greatly based on conditions (humidity, moisture, etc).