Long Line Cardigan | Black

Hannah Lavery


The longline Cardi is a long buttery-soft cardigan that you are going to want to wear every day.  The fabric is so soft and comfortable that it feels like you are wearing a very old gown that you have kept for years and it just keeps getting softer and softer.  

This comfortable cardigan is a layering champion because it can be worn under or over so many other garments to create an infinite amount of new outfits, although just wearing it loose as a flowy and comfy cardigan is still a favorite. 

Another great way of wearing it is to twist and tie the straps behind you that turn this comfy cardigan into a sultry top to wear out on the town with your favorite pants and a killer pair of shoes.  

We love garments that can shapeshift like this! 

***All fibers are made from various forms of plant materials, which have amazing properties for the skin as they are breathable and absorbent, however, they do crease.  Please be aware that all fabrics require ironing or steaming. ***

How to care for it - Machine washable on cold, gentle cycle. Iron medium to hot. Do not tumble dry.