Aeschynanthus | Lipstick Plant

Asch Building

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Location & Light 

Provide a bright, indirect location that offers a reliable level of humidity, air circulation and temperature. A position that offers more than two hours of strong direct light must be kept off the cards, due to their susceptibility to sun-scorch. A site within three metres of a north, east or west-facing window, or below a skylight window is the ideal area.


The rule of thumb with Lipstick Plants is to allow the top couple of inches to dry out in between irrigations - once the pot begins to feel light, it's time for another water. Reduce this further during winter to replicate their dormancy period. Whilst in bloom, avoid the use of cold water due to the species' sensitive nature to cold temperatures. Under-watering symptoms include little to no new growth, a much-needed transplant, and drying leaves - these issues are caused by too much sunlight, a much-needed transplant or pure forgetfulness. Over-watering symptoms include yellowing leaves that soon drop off, no or little growth and root rot.


High humidity needs to be empathised greatly. A weekly mist, or introducing a humidity/pebble tray will help replicate its natural habitat in the Brazilian forests. Botrytis petal blight and southern blight are caused when excess moisture (from misting or messy irrigations) is allowed to settle in the cubbyholes of the flowers or vines.