La Grange de l'Oncle Charles Pet-Nat

La Grange de l'Oncle Charles

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Jerome Francois first trained to be a carpenter before becoming a sommelier. Jerome started with several rows of inherited vines from his grandfather he moved into the family barn (grange) belonging to his Uncle a farmer named Charles and named the winery “LA GRANGE DE L’ONCLE  CHARLES." 

The domaine started in early 2014 in Ostheim, Alsace. The vineyards, the meadows and orchards are farmed in biodynamie with the outmost respect for ancestral traditions. Today, Jerome farms 5.5ha of vineyards located in the towns of Ammerschwihr, Zellenberg, Kaysersberg and Ribeauville where grapes are planted in complantations and produce on average 25hl/ha. Jerome believes that his wine can purely express itself from the terroir; it is then up to the vigneron to work with minimum intervention to make quality wine.

Pet-Nat – 100% Pinot Auxerrois, Grapes are harvested by hand then undergo maceration. The wine is moved from vat into individual bottles while it is still fermenting and then sealed under a crown cap. Bubbles are created when carbon dioxide gas a byproduct of alcoholic fermentation gets trapped in the wine (This is the novmal method of Pet-Nat or Petillant Naturel production!) . Apricot, citrus, yeast