Kuminamoja Jumpsuit | Kelp

Asha : Eleven


The Kuminamoja (meaning 11 in Swahili, because you know Asha's thing with 11) Jumpsuit is a flattering and complete look. It has a wide, flared and loose fitting leg and cinches in with an elasticated waist. This garment comes with a wide fabric belt which can be used to accentuate your waist further. Tie with a bow at the front or use your own classic waist belt. The front buttons up at the centre and has a frill hemmed collar. The raglan sleeve falls into Asha's signature tie and tassel cuffs. This jumpsuit is a perfect additional to your existing wardrobe.


FABRIC ORIGIN: All fabrics are made from various forms of plant materials found in South Africa. Each piece is handmade by an experienced team of local artisans in Cape Town. Every garment hosts amazing properties for the skin. They're breathable and absorbent; However, they do crease. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Natural fabrics should be washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. This garment will perform best when line dried. Avoid using hot water. Iron inside out on low heat. If you're using a steam iron, make sure that you're using a warm setting. Do not tumble dry.