Knot Dress | Black

Lazuli Capetown

An all seasons favourite, features a twist at the center which is most flattering. The rest of the silhouette is structured and fitted beautifully to create and hilight the feminine shape.


FABRIC ORIGIN: Lazuli values quality and aims to create timeless staple pieces honoring the raw materials and fabrics sourced in South Africa. Each product is hand-made by women, for women, ensuring uniqueness and individuality. All materials and fabrics are locally sourced and all of our garments are locally manufactured, supporting local trade, local production and local cmt’s. 

Besides supporting the work of inspiring local individuals; artists, artisans and designers, the Lazuli concept is fresh in its approach to incorporating luxury with everyday in its’ effortless style for complete sophistication and unique attention to detail and quality.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rayon Linen should be hand washed or gentle machine washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. Please turn the item inside out before washing to prevent surface fibers from breaking. This garment will perform best when line dried. Steam will release any wrinkles. Extremely high temperatures when ironing can scorch the fibers.