Homemade Marinara Sauce


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Ceriello has been making these sauces in their NY store kitchen for over 20 years- hand-stirred and hand-filled in heat-sealed jars. They use only Italian-grown San-Marzano Style tomatoes, fresh produce, and top-quality spices. 

Ceriello's Marinara sauce begins with fresh Italian plum tomatoes, crushed by hand and then seasoned with herbs including fresh parsley & basil, and then simmered slowly to blend the flavors. It's delicious when served with stuffed pasta like ravioli, manicotti & stuffed shells.

Sealed jars are shelf-stable for 2 years and good in the refrigerator, after opening, for about a week. A 15oz jar is good for about one pound of pasta (3-4 people).

Vegetarian. No sugar, wheat, or nut products are added.