Homemade Fra Diavolo


Ceriello has been making these sauces in their NY store kitchen for over 20 years- hand-stirred and hand-filled in heat-sealed jars. They use only Italian-grown San-Marzano Style tomatoes, fresh produce, and top-quality spices. 

Fra Diavolo Sauce (also known as Arrabiata) has chunks of San Marzano tomatoes simmered with red hot peppers and spices. It's perfect with fried calamari, shrimp, or vegetables as a dipping sauce. It is easily toned down when mixed with Marinara sauce for a milder sauce, still with a kick. 

Sealed jars are shelf-stable for 2 years and good in the refrigerator, after opening, for about a week. A 15oz jar is good for about one pound of pasta (3-4 people).

Vegetarian. No sugar, wheat, or nut products are added.