High Rise Tunic | Black

Hannah Lavery


The High Rise Tunic is the most comfortable black high neck top made out of the softest bamboo stretch fabric. The Tunic hangs low to mid-thigh with slits on the side that allow your hands to easily find your pants pockets. The slits create a long and flattering line up the side of the body. This popular top fits is tightly over the bust, but loose over the stomach. Due to this piece's loose-fitting nature, we recommended your size or a size down.

FABRIC COMPOSITION:  95% Bamboo 5% Spandex 

FABRIC ORIGIN: All fabrics are made from various forms of plant materials found in South Africa. Each piece is handmade by an experienced team of local artisans in Cape Town. Every garment hosts amazing properties for the skin. They're breathable and absorbent; However, they do crease. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Natural fabrics should be washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. This garment will perform best when line dried. Avoid using hot water as this item is already pre-shrunk. Use medium heat when ironing. If you're using a steam iron, make sure that you're using a warm setting.