Compostable Sandwich Bags

Full Circle Home

- Leak-resistant, resealable, fridge and freezer safe
- Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water
- Meets internationally-recognized standards to safely biodegrade in municipal or commercial composting facilities
- 6.5in x 5.9in | 16.5cm x 14.9cm | 25 bags per box

Ideal for peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, hummus and veggies—whichever sandwich tickles your fancy! Not hungry? These are perfect travel and home organization companions, too. Take Less. Give Back. For Good.

Zipper bags are successful for a reason: they work well, they’re convenient, and when you’re done, you just throw them away. But this convenience takes a toll on the environment because plastic bags never break down. These do, they become earth.