Fancy Lawnmower

St Arnold Brewing Company


A true German-style Kölsch. Originally brewed in Cologne, this beer is crisp and refreshing, yet has a sweet malty body that is balanced by a complex, citrus hop character. Multiple additions of German Hallertauer hops are used to achieve this delicate flavor. We use a special Kölsch yeast, an ale yeast that ferments at lager temperatures, to yield the slightly fruity, clean flavor of this beer. Lawnmower is a world class brew yet light enough to be enjoyed by Texans after strenuous activities, like mowing the lawn.

Saint Arnold Lawnmower is best consumed at 35-45° Fahrenheit.

Recommended pairings: Blackened fish, salads, and grilled veggies.

Original Gravity: 1.045 (11.4° Plato)
Bitterness: 18 IBU
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.9%