Elder Dandy 500ml

Fable Farm & Fermentory


Cyser is wine made by merging the fermentation of honey and apples. This cyser began amidst the VT Spring surge of 2019, when water was released en masse from its crystal suspension revealing the greens, browns and mineral elements of Earth; it then came time for the Birch trees to send up their levitational waters from root to shoot. Raw birch sap was mixed with raw honey and fermented with dried sumac, yarrow, elderflower and later fresh dandelions when the land turned into a sea of yellow crowns. This mead aged in barrels for 2 1/2 years, and then reemerged and converged with two vintages of our dandelion infused ciders from 2019 and 2020, thereby becoming Cyser. Bottled with fresh apple juice for secondary fermentation –sparkling, sour, floral and delightfully refreshing.