Clay Pot Sleeve Wrap Dress | Black


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SPECIFICATIONS: Front wrap detailed skirt with side pockets that sits below the knee. Made from a rayon-linen blend with flaps down, round sleeve detail.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 50 % Rayon and 50 % Linen

FABRIC ORIGIN: SELFI's Rayon fibers are made by chemically treating wood pulp, so the material is considered semi-synthetic. The sourcing of the material is what determines how sustainable the material is. Locally sourced rayon that has been manufactured from naturally occurring polymers will still be biodegradable, and therefore sustainable.

ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS: This item is 100% Biodegradable

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rayon-Linen blend should be hand washed in cold water to prevent shrinking. Please turn the item inside out before washing to prevent surface fibers from breaking. This garment will perform best when line dried.