Chickpea Strozzapreti

Public Goods

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Slow-dried, bronze-cut, and totally gluten-free, Public Goods' organic Chickpea Strozzapreti is a hand-rolled variety that suits all sorts of sauces. Made with chickpea flour and water, Public Goods' strozzapreti (stroh-tzuh-PRAY-tee) is a rich source of protein and has a much heartier texture compared to semolina pasta. Strozzapreti means “priest stranglers” in Italian and has loads of lore attached to its name. We won’t get into it here, but this pasta is a delicious conversation starter for pasta night.

What’s in it: Organic chickpea flour and water.

What’s not in it: Preservatives and fortifiers. 

It’s all good: This product is gluten-free, organic, and vegan-friendly.

Made in Italy.