Carnivorous 'Monkey Cup' Plant | Pitcher Plant

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Origin: Borneo and Malaysia

Height: Climbs or trails to 10 ft (3 m)

Light: Moderate to bright light, but no direct sun. 

Water: Keep soil evenly moist year-round, but not soggy which can cause root-rot. Because this plant is sensitive to chemicals in tap water, use only distilled or lime-free rain water.

Humidity: Moderate to high (50-80% relative humidity) is a must for pitcher plant care. Mist the plant every day or use a cool-mist room humidifier. Pitcher plants grow best in a heated greenhouse.

Temperature: Average to warm 75-85°F/24-29°C. It will tolerate a minimum of 65°F/18°C.

Soil: Use a nutrient-poor medium because rich potting mix will harm its roots. You can plant it in live sphagnum moss, or if that is not available, mix 1 part peat moss with 1 part perlite or horticultural sand.

Fertilizer: Don't fertilize the plant. In spring and fall, drop a few insects into the pitchers occasionally if there are none flying around. Don't use bugs that have been treated with insecticide.

Propagation: Take leaf cuttings in spring and root them in sphagnum moss. Use a heat mat. Mist every day with tepid water to keep the medium moist. Be patient -- rooting can take up to 8 weeks.