Bitter Death | 750ml

Jester King


For over a decade, they've had a great affinity for well-attenuated, crisp, hoppy, herbal ales with subtle but interesting pure culture fermentation character. With their pure culture fermentation program having taken flight in 2020, they were inspired to make a beer in this fashion.

Bitter Death was brewed with Texas malted barley and wheat from TexMalt and a touch of flaked oats. It was hopped aggressively at nearly 3 pounds per barrel with Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, and Tettnanger. They probably were more aggressive with the hopping than tradition would dictate, but dry, herbal, and bitter was our M.O. here. Fermented down to 1.2 Plato (1.002) with Antwerp Ale Yeast. 43 IBU. 4.5 pH. 5.4% abv. 100% naturally conditioned.

We get notes of white tea, dried hydrangea petals, bread dough, Texas toast, Euro-skunk, cannabis, dehydrated lime citrus wheels, caraway, and walking through the Hill Country on a spring day after it rains.