Artisanal Pasta | Whole Grain Radiatori

L'Isolina Pasta

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L'Isolina's Whole-Grain, Stone-Milled, Bronze-Drawn & Slow-Dried Radiatori! -Heirloom Grains Farmed for Flavor! - Stone Milled for Nutrition! - Bronze Extruded for Texture! - Dried Slow for 56 Hours Preserves Flavor & Nutrients! - Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants! 4G Fiber per Serving | 6G Protein per Serving | 14% Daily Fiber per Serving L'Isolina Pasta is made with local whole grains farmed for flavor, stone-milled, and bronze extruded all in New York State! They partner directly with the best local farms, who grow delicious flavor-first grains!