All Over Spray | 2 oz


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Use me all-over!

"Spray me in the shower, over a warm bath or directly onto your skin & hair. Freshen up linens, rooms, clothes while traveling and even your car. I'm a great pick me up during long hours at a computer. I go great in your kids locker and kill it at the gym."

Why we love it: Our friends at Asch say this stuff is a "beach necessity" - we say put it on ice and it's even better! Grab a bottle at their beautiful shop in Houston or online here.

Use: Mist all-over (including bare skin and hair) during the day to revitalize your skin, senses, and spaces! Suitable for all skin types. Shake well before getting SŌKD.

Ingredients: Aqua, natural essential oil blend, witch hazel.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.