Wiwas Tempeh

About Us

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate in bringing culture into your plate. It has always been our dream to introduce Indonesian food here in the United States.

Tempeh is one of Indonesia’s iconic food that dated back few centuries ago. Here at Wiwas Tempeh, we are passionate in bringing this traditional and high protein iconic food into your palette. Our tempeh is manufactured in Spring, Texas. Wiwas Tempeh strives for quality that non-gmo organic soybeans are used to produce the tempeh. Combined with water and live culture food, these soybeans are fermented for days to produce excellent result. Hope you will enjoy our tempeh.

Wiwas Tempeh comes in an 8 oz. size

Wiwas Tempeh's Certifications

Why Choose Us?

USDA Organic Certified

Simple Ingredients

No Preservatives

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Pleasant Fragrance

Always Fresh

Legacy Indonesian Recipe

Health Benefits Highlights

Improves digestion system

Helps with weight loss and diabetes

Reduces cancer risk

Sorry, we have no Wiwas Tempeh products at the moment. Check back soon!