The Ugly Company

We prevent food waste by upcycling ugly fruit and transforming it into healthy dried fruit snacks.

THOUSANDS of truckloads of Ugly fruit are thrown out in California EVERY YEAR.  We throw away more peaches in California than the state of Georgia produces annually. This food is perfectly healthy to eat, but it looks a little quirky!  Some call it ugly, but we call it a beautiful opportunity.

Understanding Food Waste

You might be wondering... Does this really affect me? Where can I find more information? How can I help the planet?

We don't expect you to change the world overnight. But maybe these videos will help you along the way.

Here at Ugly we have broken it down as simply as we can. EAT! EDUCATE yourself; Understand food waste at farms and how it affects you. ADVOCATE; Share what you know and tell your neighbor! TAKE CONTROL ; Give Hello! I’m Ugly a try. Every package prevents at least 2 pounds of perfectly ugly fruit from becoming waste.


Sorry, we have no The Ugly Company products at the moment. Check back soon!