The Bower Studio

About Us

The Bower Studio is named after the bowerbird, which is known for its beautiful nests that it decorates with colorful found objects. The studio was founded in 2011 by artists Isa Wang and Vincent Frano. They combined their interests in illustration and environmental stewardship to design beautiful and functional items that showcase the diversity of American flora and fauna. The Bower Studio specializes in plantable seed cards and art prints. Their creations are made sustainably by utilizing eco-friendly materials and donating to environmental causes. Each item is carefully handmade in Amherst, MA.

- Handmade Paper -
We source our paper from a small woman-owned company that makes their paper the old fashioned way using recycled paper from schools and offices. Every batch is different, giving our cards a unique touch.

- Original Illustrations -
Our cards feature original artwork by the studio’s founders, Vincent Frano & Isa Wang. Each card design begins as a pen and ink drawing done by hand. Watercolors are added digitally to bring each plant and animal to life.

- Cut & Fold -
Our team prints, cuts, and folds every card by hand. We treat each card with care to ensure a high quality greeting card reaches every customer.

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Most of our products and packaging are made with recycled materials.

- Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled handmade paper
- Paired with kraft envelopes made with 100% recycled paper
- Boxed set stickers are made with 100% recycled material

- Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper that’s made using hydropower
- Packaged with recycled mat board backing

Reused & Repurposed Materials


The majority of our shipping and packing materials are reused and/or repurposed.

- We reuse packing material and boxes from our supply shipments
- We repurpose newspaper, magazines, and other mail items as packing material
- We reuse and repurpose all of the plastic used in packing orders, including plastic bags and air cushions
- You may request plastic-free shipping/packing at checkout - Learn More

Eco-friendly Materials


We utilize biodegradable and plant-based materials in our products, packaging, and shipping materials whenever possible.

- Packaged in clear plant-based, compostable sleeves*
- You may request no sleeves at checkout - Learn More

- Packaged in clear plant-based, compostable sleeves*
- You may request no sleeves at checkout - Learn More

- We ship with plant-based cellophane tape with natural rubber adhesive
- Our shipping boxes are all FSC certified (if not re-used)

* Made from PLA. Compostable only at compost facilities. Requires high heat for proper break down. Not for backyard compost bins or piles. May also be recycled where available.

Giving Back


Donating to Non-profits:
- Our line of Bee Project cards are designed with giving back in mind. For every bee card or print sold The Bower Studio donates 100% of the profits to The Pollinator Partnership and The Xerces Society - Learn More

Highlighting Endangered, Threatened, & At-Risk Species:
- Our cards and prints feature many plant, animal, and insect species that are from at-risk to endangered
- Latin names are included for every species so you can learn more about them
- We occasionally share information on our blog and social media about the imperiled species featured on our products along with ways you can get involved in species conservation and protection

Studio Practices

We try to maintain a sustainable studio environment too.

- Creating a welcoming and comfortable studio environment that supports the wellbeing of all our team members
- Sorting trash into recycling and landfill waste for anything that cannot be reused or repurposed
- We use LED and CFL lighting in our studio and use natural light during the day
- Our thermostat is programmed to reduce our usage of fossil fuels while maintaining comfort in winter


These are some areas where we hope to improve.

- Switch to plant-based printing inks
- Use biodegradable/plant based stickers for our packaging
As of 12/01/20 we are phasing out clear stickers for individual cards and have switched to stickers made with 100% recycled material for our card sets
- Find alternatives to plant-based plastics for our packaging
- Offset our carbon and become 100% carbon neutral

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