Texas Gold Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic?

Once harvested, locally-grown white garlic bulbs are aged (caramelized) for one to two months using controlled heat and humidity. This process causes certain enzymes and sugars in the cloves to break down naturally – nothing is added.  

The cloves inside the paper-thin white skins first turn a deep brown and once the process is complete, a soft black. The texture of the cloves changes too – from shiny, firm, white meat to black, soft, sweet, spreadable cloves. The process also causes the strong flavor of the raw white garlic to melt into a mellow, caramelized sweetness, ready to be eaten straight from the bulb or incorporated into any dish that normally uses garlic, and then some! 

Black Gold Garlic is full of umami and complex flavors that will take your mouth on an exciting adventure as you add it to your culinary creations. Once only available to top chefs across the country, we prepare the bulbs with great care for your personal use.

The more we work with Texas Black Gold Garlic, the more ways we learn to use it to create spectacular meals, from salads to appetizers, entrees and even desserts. We look forward to hearing all the different ways you use this terrific ingredient.

Texas Black Gold Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic has many well-known health benefits, but what happens when garlic is fermented to create a culinary sensation called black garlic? It appears this exciting and nutritious creation has a host of benefits to boast about. For instance, black garlic has more than quadruple the amount of antioxidants compared to regular garlic. (Jang et al., 2008). This naturally heat-aged delicacy is in high demand at top restaurants worldwide, and Texas Black Gold Garlic (TBGG) has made it conveniently available to you.
The perfect, sweet syrupy-flavor of black garlic, with familiar garlic undertones, makes this ingredient very versatile and a delicious snack, without the fear of garlic breath. TBGG is low in fat, rich in natural sugars, amino acids and contains no additives. Perhaps what is most unique is black garlic contains S-Allyl cysteine (SAC), which is converted from Allicin in white garlic. SAC has not been fully tested via clinical trials but shows a tremendous amount of health benefits, according to several studies. 

Let’s take a closer look at some significant health benefits:

·   SAC shows strong evidence to powerfully support healthy blood sugar by setting up an antioxidant defense system in the pancreas. Black garlic offers stronger antioxidant effects than white garlic, according to studies. 1

·   SAC and optimal cell regeneration are indicated; the treatment affected the growth of CWR22R, with no detectable toxic effect on nude mice. 3. 2

·    SAC delivers double the antioxidant power to scavenge free radicals, decrease oxidative stress and preserve the striatal activity of Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase (Cu,Zn-SOD). 3 

·    SAC with abnormal cell growth in liver, colon and breasts shows signs of suppressing the proliferation rate of abnormal cells while hindering migration and invasion of these cells. 4

·    Black garlic's Allicin and SAC support a strong immune defense and offer boosted benefits that include healthy bacteria balance, natural resistance and overall wellness.

Fermented garlic has greater health benefits than the common variety, says nutritionist Velumani Deepapriya of the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association. “Especially in improving blood circulation and increasing antioxidant levels in the body.” The advantage of SAC is that it is well-absorbed, much more stable than allicin and 100 percent bioavailable. Google search “Mandarin oil painter Choo Keng Kwang” to find out what eating half a bulb of black garlic a day did for him!

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