Richard's Rainwater

Meet Richard Heinichen

The man who started everything.

Richard fell in love with rainwater when he installed a whole-house collection system in his own home in 1994. Richard continued his education to receive 34 certificates that helped him reshape rainwater consumption laws.

Cloud to bottle
since 1998

Richard catches his first drop

Tired of well water that produced dirty dishes, dry hair, and cardboard-stiff jeans, Richard installed a rain collection system. He creates Tank Town to provide rainwater to his neighbors.

Richard builds
Tank Town

Right outside of Austin, Texas, Tank Town is the birthplace of Richard’s Rainwater.

Pioneering bottled rainwater

In 2002, Richard’s Rainwater becomes the first company in the nation to receive licensing to bottle and distribute rainwater.

Developing sparkling

Since rainwater is free of minerals and additives, carbonation was a challenge. Richard developed his own recipe using time, ice-cold temps, and pressure.

 Beyond Tank Town

Rainwater can be collected almost anywhere, making it the most sustainable water source. Richard’s partners with Lazy Magnolia Brewing in Mississippi to expand rain-catching operations.

Rain is local,

Richard’s is dedicated to sourcing facilities and capturing rainwater as close to our customers’ communities as possible. More partners means less environmental impact.