Museā, meaning museums in Dutch, inspires a feeling that a woman’s body is a museum of natural form, to be embellished with rich, earthy linens. It is the skin itself that inspires the textures of the fabric used in every item, being biodegradable & lightweight.

Founded in 2017, designer Sheri Howes sources the highest grade of natural fabric in South Africa and all our pieces are designed and created locally by a small team of skilled artisans. 

Our ethos

Our mission is to create timeless designs that impose little impact to the environment, that will last for years to come. We want to connect with our customers on an intrinsic level and it's for that reason that we're transparent in all that we are.

Our supply chain is made up from small local businesses like us, that grow as we grow. Although we source fabric from local suppliers, they are at the mercy of Asian suppliers due to scarcity of organic fabric manufacturing mills in South Africa - a challenge for us.

While we use natural fabrics & packaging, we are actively sourcing better alternatives where possible such as biodegradable or recyclable courier bags, technical advancements in recyclable materials and regenerative biodegradable fabrics.

This is a journey and a continued mission of enlightenment for us, as we grow & learn. 

Sorry, we have no Museā products at the moment. Check back soon!