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Curly Kale by the Unit Asch Building $3
Tomato Basil Sauce | 16oz Casetta Cucina $8.50 Surprise Party Cookie Legally Addictive Foods $9.50 1% Milk | Half Gallon Mill-King $5 Vegan Stroopwafel Stroop Club $3.50 Prairie Breeze Cheese by Milton Creamery | 6oz Houston Dairymaids $8 Jalapeño by the Ounce Asch Building $0.10 Ruthie's Homemade Yogurt Ruthie's Homemade Yogurt $15 Baby Carrots by the Unit Asch Building $2.50 Broccoli by the Pound Asch Building $1 Photo coming soon
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Rosemary Garlic Round Cake & Bacon $7
June's Joy Goat Cheese by Pure Luck Houston Dairymaids $7 Molcajete Salsa Chilesquiles $13 Photo coming soon
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Whole Wheat Loaf | Sliced Cake & Bacon $6.25
Herbes De Provence Crackers Potter's Crackers $7 Sichuan Chili Crisp Sauce | 6 oz Fly By Jing $16 Peri Peri Biltong | 2oz Brooklyn Biltong $9 Mill-king Low Temp Pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream | Quart Mill-King $12 Original Biltong | 2oz Brooklyn Biltong $9 Cilantro by the Unit Asch Building $1.25 Fresh Herbs Dried In-House Asch Building $1.25 Applewood Smoked Bacon | Sliced Smoking Goose Meatery $12 Za'atar Traditional Hummus Darista Dips $5.50 Jalapeno Restaurant Style Salsa El Gallo $8 Ground Beef by the unit The Farm at Bald Hill $10 Hen of the Woods Mushrooms by the Unit Asch Building $4 Sea Salt Tortilla Chips Siete Foods $5 Classic White Crackers Potter's Crackers $7 Gulp/Hablo Vino Blanco Parra Jimenez $6 Burrata Cheese by Di Stefano | 4oz Houston Dairymaids $4.50 Honey Crisp Apples by the Unit Asch Building $2.50 Steakhouse Biltong | 2oz Brooklyn Biltong $9 Trillium Cheese by Tulip Tree | 8oz Houston Dairymaids $17 Smoked Gouda by Marieke Gouda Houston Dairymaids $11 Organic Cascatelli Sfoglini $6.25 Fancy Lawnmower St Arnold Brewing Company $2 Mozzarella by Texas Mozzarella Company Houston Dairymaids $8.50 Vanilla Frozen Custard | 16oz Honeychild's Sweet Creams $12 Caramelized Onion Crackers Potter's Crackers $7 Sold Out Cheddar Cheese Balls The Good Crisp Sold out