From where are Lüks Linen products sourced?

All of our products are sourced from the 2 most renowned cotton growing regions in Turkey; Denizli in the South West and Hatay in the South. As a brand who advocates for and insists on ethical production we are proud to partner with local family run ateliers who use locally grown cotton which is spun, dyed and woven in the area in which it was cultivated, cutting down on transportation and the carbon footprint.

What’s the difference between machine manufacturing and hand-woven products?

In one word quality. Machine manufacturing has a tendency to put more stress and tension on the cotton yarn as the machines work so fast they generate heat that weakening the fibres, which can result in an inferior and stiffer fabric. Conversely shuttle or semi-automatic weaving is a slower and gentler process which helps to preserve the integrity and strength of the fibres. The result is a much softer and longer lasting product.

Whilst this is a topic of great debate we have to be realistic and appreciate that in order to grow, meet orders, and encourage their children to enter into the family business, some weavers have embraced the use of semi-automatic looms and computer aided design techniques which they use in addition to their traditional wooden shuttle looms to add variety to their products. Lüks Linen stock both handmade and machine products, all of which are sourced from small batch suppliers not mass manufacturing factories. The method of production is clearly outlined in the product description.

Are handwoven products more expensive to buy?

Yes handwoven products do have a slightly higher price point, due to the time and skill involved in their production. The cost of our handmade textiles are dictated by the workmanship involved, quality and weight of the cotton used and the complexity of the design. 

What is Lüks commitment to the environment?

In addition to minimising our carbon footprint by bulk ordering from our ateliers, we also reduce the use of paper by generating invoices and managing returns online through our automated e-commerce platform. Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials and all of the fabrics and materials used in the Lüks ranges are locally grown, spun, dyed and woven. We are committed to becoming a certified organic and currently about 30% of our range is GOTS certified with a full to having full certification by early 2021. This is largely dictated by our ateliers - as small family businesses it is not always possible (affordable) for them to pay the annual certification fee of circa $6K however we don't want that to preclude us working with them  - it is an ongoing process.

Do the names of your products have a specific meaning?

The majority of our products are named by the ateliers from which they originate, after Turkish children, both belonging to the families themselves such as 'The Kümsal' which was named after one of our weavers daughters and those in the community. Other products have inherited the honorary namesake of their creators, so each comes with a rich lineage and unique personality.


Meet the Makers

Lüks is proud to partner with some of the most talented master weavers and family run textile ateliers in the world, whose priceless skills have been passed down through many generations. This knowledge and passion is interwoven into the products they create, We hope you enjoy reading about the individuals who are responsible for bringing Lüks to life and hope you'll treasure our products for many years to come.

  • The Büyükasiks are master weavers from Hatay in Southern Turkey. Renowned for cotton growing, makes it the perfect home for their atelier, which is run with by father & son team Abdulvahap & Mete. True to family & community spirit, Uncle Vahit & long time family friend Mehmet (the happiest weavers we know) are also valued employees. Matriarch Bedia, is responsible for hand finishing & quality control whilst Mete’s wife Özlem, manages all our requests with resolute professionalism. Our Kümsal peshtemal is named after their beautiful daughter.

  • Irem & Tolga moved from the bustle of Istanbul, to Bodrum a small town on the Aegean coast, looking for a slower pace of life after the birth of their first child. Irem’s family are from Buldan - the heart of textiles in Turkey, so it's fair to say that weaving is in her DNA. Partnering with 3 local family ateliers they produce a stunning range of heritage weaves including our Damla, Ferah & Belgin ranges . Irem & Tolga have a sharp eye both for detail & colour & we are privileged to have worked with them since Lüks began. Outside of work they are also prolific cheese makers!

  • Ümut & Mustafa are our peshtemal heroes. They run a small & perfectly formed atelier in Denizli, which employs 2 master weavers who run the looms & 4 skilled women who oversee cutting, sewing & finishing. In true community spirit & when the need arises, they call upon other local family ateliers to ensure that both deliveries and quality standards are met. Ümut & Mustafa produce our Cemile, Eren, Emre, Nil, Pelen & Tulin collections as well as (of course) his name sake blanket ‘The Ümut’.

  • Gaffar is our partner in Kas. An astute and creative businessman, he runs his family business with his brother, and provides a range of unique quality designed products, sourced from local ateliers that are the envy of many household brands. Gaffar is responsible for our stunning, limited edition Lale blankets, which are a vibrant explosion of meticulously woven colour ways. Each is handmade by a skilled master craftsman and takes over a fortnight each to perfect.

  • Barine is the newest member of the Lüks family & was founded by Denizli based textile designer Seyma. Barine blends traditional weaving technique with modern methods, to produce a stunning range of contemporary textiles. All of which make beautiful additions to any home. We are working with Barine to provide you with modern & eclectic geometric prints rich in Turkey's cultural narrative.
    The Arkan throw, Cari & Ekin peshtemals & our Hills, Zig-Zag & Diamond cushions mark our first range & we look forward to many more.

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