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Athletic Brewing Co

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Classic craft Golden Ale Style. Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas are subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium Vienna Malt along with a combo of English and traditional American hops. 

This Golden is bright, crisp, and showcases the more delicate characteristics of our custom Organic Vienna and adventurous blend of old and new world hops. Upside Dawn is the 2021 Gold winner at the World Beer Awards and the International Beer Challenge. 

Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. This product is fermented from grains containing gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Vienna Malt, Malted Barley, Oats, Hops, Wheat, Yeast