Single Serve Tea Drops

Tea Drops


Chai Spice Paying homage to the delicate notes of Masala Chai Tea, this is a spicy and sweet treat that is best complemented by a dash of milk.Some sediment at the bottom of your cup is expected and drinkable. Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

Pumpkin Spice They captured everything they love about autumn and pumpkin pie in this seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Spice. This heartwarming Pumpkin Spice Tea will make you feel as if you’re nestled by a crackling fireplace, and draped in fluffy blankets, while enjoying the wafting aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin pie cooling on the kitchen counter.

Rose Earl Grey Bold and royal, their lightly sweetened Rose Earl Grey has a distinctive flavor of Bergamot orange with a hint of English rose.  

Sweet Peppermint A fuller-bodied Peppermint tea experience that's refreshing to the sense with a kick of genuine spearmint. No fillers - this is real peppermint tea! Naturally caffeine-free, this is the perfect anytime-tea: morning, day, or night. 

Blueberry Açaí Looking for a respite from your busy day? Stop and enjoy a blissful cup of Blueberry Acai Tea! This little powerhouse of a Drop is breezy and light, vibrant and fun. It’s like a mini oasis vacation in your cup! Built on a base of white peony tea, this refreshing fruity pick-me-up has just the right amount of naturally occurring caffeine to give your day a kick and get you moving! The fragrant fruity flavor will be a welcome treat to enjoy any time of day.

Thai Tea A favorite among international beverages, we give you our take on the traditional Thai Tea! Once used to counterbalance spicy ingredients used in Thai cuisine, this tea is becoming a standalone favorite. Bold and fragrant, Thai tea comes to perfection in a Drop - no measuring and no fuss! With a moderate caffeine level, this warm cup of comfort is the perfect kick to start your day, or can push you through a rough afternoon! Amazing on it’s own, Thai Tea is even better with a dash of milk.

Hibiscus Glow Give some love to the skin you’re in, and add some Glow to your day! Hibiscus Glow Tea Drops are an aromatic, organic, fruity blended herbal tea that tastes as great as it sounds. Naturally caffeine and sugar-free it's the perfect cup for your own timeout - anytime of day! Packed with some serious skin loving ingredients, sip and glow with this unsweetened blend of hydrating goodness!

Unsweetened Matcha Green Our full-bodied Matcha Green Tea will kick-start your morning or help you power through your afternoon with calm alertness. Our delicious Matcha Tea is an earthy and gentle way to start your morning! Best of all, Organic Unsweetened Tea Drops dissolve in hot and cold water so enjoy a  refreshing cold drink when you feel like cooling down.