My name is Sophie Wiseman-Floyd and I graduated from NCSU in May of 2018 with a bachelor of Industrial Design. I used the skills I gained in school to start a minimalist jewelry and accessory company called heir.

H E I R | R A L E I G H ‘ s name is a tribute to what I’ve learned in design school and life since moving to Raleigh in 2014. I am so grateful to have been the heir to a well of knowledge that I’ve poured into my designs. No matter where I go, my jewelry and leather products will always be a lasting testament to the experience I gained at the design school and in Raleigh. All of these pieces are handmade in my Raleigh studio with the greatest attention to detail + highest quality of materials.

I grew up in-between the Caribbean (Dominican Republic + Haiti) and the mountains of North Carolina. My parents always encouraged me to travel + absorb as much as I could from other cultures and lifestyles. Though I have an extremely distinct sense of style and personal taste, it would be lost without the influence of my family, peers, travels, and unique upbringing. 

xo, Sophie

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Sorry, we have no HEIR | RALEIGH products at the moment. Check back soon!