Eat & Drink

Organic Whole Flower Tea The Qi $3.40 Housemade Cocktail Garnishes Asch Building $0.01 Floral Tasting Sampler The Qi $12 Peppermint Drinking Chocolate | 72% Madagascar Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate $19.50 Organic Pure Maple Sugar Candy Mount Mansfield Maple $13 Sold Out Earl Grey Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup Statesman Beverage Co Sold out Sold Out Sphere Ice Tray W&P Sold out Floral Tasting Collection The Qi $36 Organic Peppermint Bark Mount Mansfield Maple $16 Caramel Crack Mini Chocolate Bar Terroir Chocolate $2.50 Sold Out Terroir Chocolate Bar Mini 6 Pack Terroir Chocolate Sold out Caramel Gift Set Fat Toad Farm $8 Sold Out Rainbow Bark Bang Candy Sold out Sold Out Hatch Green Chile Soberdough Brew Bread Soberdough Sold out S'mores Kit Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate $14 Best Brews | Vietnamese Coffee Pour Over Set Copper Cow $15 Sold Out Smoked Maple Brittle Mini Chocolate Bar Terroir Chocolate Sold out Sold Out Everyday Matcha Rishi Sold out Water Bottle Ice Tray W&P $14 Rosemary Soberdough Brew Bread Soberdough $10 Gingerbread Oregon Hazelnut Toffee Holm Made Toffee Co $10 Wonderland Simple Syrup Set Meadowland Syrups $6 Golden Milk Mini Chocolate Bar Terroir Chocolate $2.50 Daily Ritual Set The Qi $60 Cheesy Garlic Soberdough Brew Bread Soberdough $10 Peppermint Chocolate Covered Pretzels Fatty Sundays $4 Vanilla S'more Kit Bang Candy $12 Ginger Snap Milk Chocolate Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate $10 Sold Out Tea Drops Wooden Box Set | Classic Assortment Tea Drops Sold out Sold Out Peppermint Swirl Marshmallows Wondermade Sold out Cocktail Cherries Eli Mason $18 Sold Out Honey Jar Natural OliveWood Sold out Mizzl Binchotan Charcoal Mizzl $11 Lavender Milk Mini Chocolate Bar Terroir Chocolate $2.50 Organic White Chocolate Maple Bark Mount Mansfield Maple $16 Gingerbread Tiny Home Kit Persephone Bakery $18 Bourbon Marshmallows Wondermade $9 Sold Out The Spicy Whole Shebang Set Red Clay Hot Sauce Sold out Cinnamon Swirl Soberdough Brew Bread Soberdough $10 Classic Soberdough Brew Bread Soberdough $10