Butter & Lye


Butter and Lye is an eco-friendly company based in Brooklyn, New York that delivers high-quality natural soap while ensuring environmentally friendly business practices.

We emphasize sustainability in every business decision, from our ingredients to our packaging and everything in between, we are sure to do our part to protect the environment while providing optimal cleanliness and care to your skin. Butter and Lye strives to minimize our carbon footprint everyday by making sustainable improvements to the company such as compostable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, and natural products made with organic ingredients.

Our mission at Butter and Lye is to show you how easy it is to incorporate good-for-your-skin products into your everyday routine that truly make a difference.


My entrepreneurship journey started in second grade, when my mom and dad would throw yard sales leaving my siblings and I in charge of the ice tea stand. We would make it extra yummy by adding a splash of lemon juice and the secret ingredient, vanilla extract- a Haitian specialty. I remember how exciting it would be to see customers coming back for a second cup. This experience taught me the value of providing products made with great ingredients. Flash forward over two decades later, this lesson still plays a very important role in my decisions today. 

After leaving a ten year post working in cancer immunotherapy as a biochemist, I decided to combine my knowledge of chemical reactions in the human body with the importance of using great ingredients. I entered the fascinating world of soap making and spent the next year developing a gentle formulation made with high quality, fragrance and harsh chemical free ingredients that would promote healthy and balanced skin.

I knew none of the hard work would matter if it wasn’t packaged with sustainability in mind. This drove me to develop packaging made from post consumer recycled content that’s easily recyclable and compostable. Additionally, shipping can wreak havoc on the environment so I wanted to provide a carbon neutral shipping option to further ease our impact. 

Butter + Lye officially launched this year and I’m in awe of the overwhelming support we’ve received. Thank you so much for making this dream a reality!

-Monique Garraud Kofsky

Sorry, we have no Butter & Lye products at the moment. Check back soon!